ugc sponsored national Level Conference

                        Empowering Library Professionals in MANAGING DIGITAL Resources AND  Providing Extension Activiity

DATe: January 18-19, 2010

Venue: Conference Hall, St.Agnes College (Autonomous), Bendore, Mangalore, Dakshina Kannda-575002, Karnataka State 


THEME: Empowering Library Professionals in Managing Digital Resources and Providing Extension Activities.

 Papers are invited in the following areas for deliberations

A.     Collection development through open access initiative: The role of the librarian

·         Open access initiative in Arts and Humanities and Social Science

·         Open access initiative in Science

·         Open access initiative in Medical, Dental and Engineering Science

B.     Institutional repositories-Empowering library Professionals in developing digital resources.

·         Institutional repositories using DSpace - Observations or experience

·         Institutional repositories using E-Print - Observations or experience

·         Institutional repositories using any other open source software – Observations or experience.

C.     Libraries Outreach activities/Extension activities through print and electronic collection

·        Outreach activities of Academic Libraries: Impact on the users - Observations or experience

·        Outreach activities of Special Libraries-: Impact on the users- Observations or  experience

·        Outreach activities of Public Libraries-: Impact on the users- Observations or           experience

D.     Management of digital collection: Empowering library professionals

·        Preservations of Digital collections: Problems and resolve–Observations or experience

·        Digital collections and Services: Observations or  experience

·       Web based services: Designing library websites or Blogs- Observations or            experience


Articles on either of the above themes and sub themes or related topics are invited.

Objectives of the conference:

Professional and non professional colleges in India have been growing in different ways with the onset of new technologies and paradigms.  Yet there is a long way to reach the status of the full fledged ‘digital library’ or library without  wall.  In this context the conference will be a forum for discussing the emerging issues like -

·        Designing and developing Institutional repositories

·        Identifying open access initiatives in Arts and Humanities, Social- Science, Science and Engineering, Medical and Dental Science

·        Providing a forum for creators, processors, managers, library professionals to share their practical experience in designing and developing digital collectors in order to provide better service.

·        Sharing outreach or extension activity of the libraries.

·        Designing and developing library Websites and blogs.

Who can participate?

·                    Information Professionals / Librarians 

·                    IT and knowledge service providers

·                    Academicians, Students and Distance learners

·                    And others who are interested in the topic

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