Getting Here: Mangalore is 357 kms from Bangalore. Mangalore is well connected by rail, road and air from/to Bangalore. Air Deccan has Bangalore-Mangalore service. Mangalore is well connected by rail to all major South Indian cities. Mangalore is well connected by bus to all major towns in Karnataka.


By Air: Alight at Bajpe airport,30 minutes drive to St. Agnes College. Taxi /sharing taxi services available at the airport.


By Train: Alight at Kankanady/ Mangalore station. College is located at 4kms/2kms away from the station. Auto rickshaw services are available at the stations.


By Bus: Alight at Kankanady/ Balmatta bus stop. College is 7 minutes walk from either stop. Auto rickshaw services are also available at a minimum fare of Rs.15/.


My father gave me free run of his library. When I think of my boyhood, I think in terms of the books I read.Jorge Luis BORGES (1899-1986)


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